LCOGICOC is a family of ministries consisting of churches and para-church ministries. 

We possess the stability denomination and the flexibility of a fellowship especially to those who head para-church ministries yet serve in churches outside of our organizational family. Those who head a parachurch ministry must receive written authorization from the pastor at the church they attend before applying for membership. Such individuals are recommended that they seek credentialing via their own church organization before seeking credentials with LCOGICOC.

Types of credentials offered: Ordained Minister, deacon

Requirements for credentials:
Christian experience as evidenced by references and training either via bible college, seminary or some form of ministerial mentoring are the requirements for ordination.
Member churches shall have access to credential preparation for eligible members provided by the LCOGICOC leadership. To qualify for an ordination interview please fill out our online form.

Successful candidates will be contacted for an interview.

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