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Lighthouse Churches of God in Christ of Canada© 2013 Toronto, Ontario Canada
The Lighthouse Churches of God in Christ of Canada had its genesis as an organi-zation in 1991 and was known as the Lighthouse Church of the Apostle under Bishop Vinnel T. Channer, a former minister of the Pente-costal denomination Church of God in Christ (COGIC).
The Lighthouse Churches of God in Christ of Canada
provides equality-based apostolic oversight, credentialing to qualified mission workers,  including pastors with and emphasis on effective development. We eshew religious politics and strive to give prioirty to the work of the Kingdom of God.
LCOGICOC  possesses the stability of a denomination and the flexibility of a fellowship, especially to those who head para-church ministries yet serve in churches outside of our organizational family. Those who head a parachurch ministry must receive written authorization from the pastor at the church they attend before applying for membership.