This organization started as a church in 1991 known as Lighthouse Church of the Apostle under Bishop Vinnel T. Channer, a former minister of the Pentecostal denomination Church of God in Christ (COGIC).

Being a builder and a church planter, Bishop V.T. Channer desired to expand the work into a denomination and in 2000 obtained credential granting status from the Government of Ontario. Although he was not able to plant any new churches, he ordained a number of ministers providing guidance and leadership.

Diagnosed with a terminal illness he sought a suitable replacement to assume the leadership of the organization. Unable to find a suitable successor among the rank of ministers under his oversight, he offered his son Rev. Wayne Channer who was serving in his former denomination, the opportunity to take his place in 2004.

After much prayer and deliberation he decided to take leadership of the organization while placing one of his father's ministers as pastor of his father’s church.

Bishop Vinnel T. Channer passed away on the 6th of February 2005, leaving Rev. Wayne Channer as the sole leader of the Lighthouse Church of the Apostle.

In order to ensure the legacy of his father’s church, Lighthouse Church of the Apostle, Rev. Channer decided to change the name of the organization while allowing the Mother church to retain the original name. In 2006 he renamed the organization, to Lighthouse Churches of God in Christ of Canada Inc, after the name of the church his father planted in Scarborough Ontario while he served the COGIC.

In light of a greater vision he received to serve the body of Christ, Rev. Channer expanded the work from a church denomination into a family of ministries that would provide oversight to churches and para-church ministries as well while upholding their right to God-directed determination. With this bold approach to ministry, pastors and ministry leaders soon came and joined the Family, carrying on the legacy of building and expanding the Kingdom of God.